Human beings are wired to experience a wide range of emotions.

Being human, I'm well-acquainted with the darker emotions: grief, pain, anger, and fear.   They're perfectly natural and happen to us all during experiences destined to trigger such responses.

When one wallows there though, hanging on to victimization and self-pity, that's what I call Kicking and Screaming.  It's a time suck.  It keeps us from moving forward to discover the Illumination that inevitably follows.

I suppose no one would be surprised to know I descended into kicking and screaming over much of my life when I felt overwhelmed by what was happening to me, or thought shouldn't be happening to me. I sure had enough occasions and reasons!

This page shares the tough and revealing stories that have shaped me to become the woman I am today. My intention is to help you discover your own tendencies towards kicking and screaming and discover ways to move forward towards Illumination.

Visit often for more stories on how to break free from this stage to live your amazing life and to enjoy the self-love and freedom it brings!


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