“Being different was her strength.”  Zoe Brown, The Airing Cupboard


As an inspirer, story-teller, illuminator, tool provider, and power partner.  I help women find their truest inner wisdom and powerful center. Whether it is through one-on-one sessions, group experiences, writing, appearing on podcasts or speaking, I light the way for women to dive deep and find their core.

I had to go through my own journey to be able to do this.

As you read through what follows, know that I had a voice in my head continually telling me I was deeply flawed.

It did not stop.

My mom surrounded me with synchronicity which she called, “small world stories” for my entire life.  From my childhood, through my teen years, when I rolled my eyes at her, to even the last day of her life  she was continuously sharing one miraculous or crazy experience after another.

They started happening to me in earnest when I was in my mid-twenties when I found a lost ring in the middle of a field, to meeting my husband in 2012 when I sent a text and got a wrong number.  Our “one in a billion” story is featured in the Kasey and Henry tab.

So it’s no surprise to find my life has followed a synchronous path. I started out in the fashion business for 12 years, coordinating fashion shows and working at a modeling agency. Six of those years I was working for my dad doing land surveying on construction sites.  There’s an unexpected combo!!

Due to an autoimmune disease, I had my first kidney transplant at 34 and leaving my old life behind after that rebirth, I took a temp position at Purina, the pet food company for two weeks which turned into 24 years!

At 46 I was floored by divorce which unleashed so many abandonment issues, I felt like a child expected to live on her own.  It was in the 6 years following that I started on my greatest growth path, striving to learn every life lesson the Universe threw me.

Still, I wasn’t prepared to have my transplanted kidney fail at 57, necessitating dialysis, going on long term disability, retiring early and having my second transplant at 59..

After each of those unexpected life circumstances,

I. Did. Not. know. Who. I. Was!!!

My journey has been a dance between light and dark, but in the end the light of the universe and my inner light started to shine through my inner darkness, nourishing me and leading me to recognize I hadn’t been buried, only planted. My struggles taught me the value of vitality, emotional intelligence, personal power, and transformation, symbolized by my kidney transplants.

I decided to love myself in 2016. To bloom.

While I’d been on a path of self-discovery since my late 20’s, when I decided to love myself, I began immersing myself in deep listening, empowering me to learn from EFT Tapping, Positive Intelligence,  The Work of Byron Katie, The Enneagram, I’m a 4, and the Feminine Power programs of Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership.  In almost each case, I have been in groups of women to enhance the learnings.

And my life has completely changed.

I used to want to fit in.  To be like everyone else.  I didn’t believe in myself.  I didn’t know who I was.  But, ever driven by my inner light, I charged at life and embraced ME!

The Airing Cupboard podcast featured me in December of 2022. The podcaster,  Zoe Brown, in talking about me, says, “Being different was her strength.”  When my husband and I were featured on the Tamron Hall Show, the episode was called “Daring to be Different” which also captured that essence in me.

I am now using my expertise and Insights from an Unconventional Life (link) to illuminate the path for other women to discover their own inner light and thrive in their own lives, honoring themselves away from old roles, old doubts, old stories and beliefs.

Mary Oliver would ask you, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I’ll ask you to let me inspire and illuminate your way.

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