I’ve experienced some interesting growth opportunities in my life: a kidney transplant at 34, a devastating divorce at 46, a challenging age-gap relationship, unexpected retirement due to dialysis at 57 and a second kidney transplant at 59.

Over all these years, while I’ve had traditional therapy, I was always doing things on my own to grow.  I’ve curated a list of my favorite books, authors, websites and more that provided support and turning points in my growth.  In it you’ll find things from relationship strengthening to self-growth to personal health to kidney health.

My hope is that you’ll discover yourself through knowledge, skills and tools you glean from these resources.  I am not a physician, these are simply books and websites that I learned from.

Kidney diseases

The National Kidney Foundation  -

Register to be an organ donor

Transplant games

Browse my blog for more of my stories on kidney disease and my transplants

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When I’ve been in my toughest spots, I always turned to books for the light they brought to my present circumstances.  They illuminated my path while I was learning true growth lies on the other side of any hard experience.

The most important principle I’ve embraced is Awareness.  Everything stems from there. This book “Awareness” by Anthony Demello is my go to first read -


  • This is a  MUST READ - Positive Intelligence will change the way you see yourself and others around you through opening your awareness of your wisest self and the parts of you which work to sabotage you.
  • Do you find yourself frustrated with life’s circumstances and especially other people?

Loving What Is - Byron Katie  is a must read for all of life’s frustrations.

Relationship awareness

  • Do you know your or your partner’s love languages?  A vital read is “The Five Love Languages”
  • Do you know why you get mad at your partner over the same things?  “Getting the Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix will open your eyes!
  • Are you going through a breakup?   “In the Meantime” helps you get your feet back under you.
  • Do you find yourself attracted to the same negative relationships over and over?  Women Who Love Too Much  helped me learn about that dance

These are some resources for overall health, some emotional health as I’ve had challenges with a sugar addiction, self healing, and some references to kidney disease


Other good reads:

One - Richard Bach -

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