From being able to "take one more breath" to embracing "what is", I have learned how to stay focused and love all opportunities, especially the ones that seem impossible to escape.

From being barely able to breathe during different painful moments of my life to wallowing in self-pity at situations I was certain shouldn't be happening to me, through many trials, I ultimately chose to start embracing what my spiritual mentors had been saying all along.

Be in the moment and embrace it. Even and especially the ones I found most abhorrent.

This seemed to go along with the awareness I'd had through so many times in my life where I started being able to see that I'd made it through a tough time. I didn't die! And then even cooler, I\'d also notice, that if, what I'd deemed "bad" hadn't happened, this other, really amazing thing, could have never occurred.

This to me was illumination! An "aha" moment!

You can GET Illumination. And you can GIVE Illumination.

I get it AND I give it. 🙂

Lighthouses Illuminate.

My light shines out to attract; guiding souls who might find themselves a bit lost. My intention is to light a path to your own illumination; to self-awareness and self-love so you can be open to see that what you kick and scream about is likely there to open a door you never knew existed.

On my blog, I share my stories of insights, inner strength, beliefs and awareness of how true personal growth lies on the other side of any hard experience.

Visit often for more stories on how to embrace the challenges that come your way and how to emerge with your own illumination.

"Lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining."

- Anne Lamott

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