There are a some wonderful things and experiences in my world that truly make my soul sing.  Writing is one of them!  I invite you to peruse my blog where I write about what’s happening to me, what happened to me, stuff I’m contemplating or miracle stories...among other things.  You’ll be reading my heart and soul in each piece.  Please enjoy!!

Jim and Jamie

In April of 2006 my world was turned upside down. I suddenly found out I was getting a divorce. Nothing about it was easy. Apparently my close “friend” from across the street had seduced my husband. He was remodeling our house so I had to move out and get an apartment. “My 2 children” were …

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Getting the Love You Want

It was soon after Henry and I met in June of 2012 that we started arguing. As it happened I was doing a 3 way call at the time with 2 women once a week and when I would complain about Henry (isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?) my friend Judy Ryan would use …

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At the age of 35 I’d had a kidney transplant.  My sister was a perfect match and gave me a lifesaving gift of a kidney.  In 2012, I was 52 and that was the furthest thing from my mind. I was single, having gone through a disastrous divorce six years prior and had just started …

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Dropping the Shield

Q & A with Kasey Bergh  If you were to give a name to your shield, what would it be? Self-protection from fear of rejection How did that shield serve you? I felt that I needed to protect myself as far back as grade school when I saw the other girls as being so petite, …

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