There are a some wonderful things and experiences in my world that truly make my soul sing.  Writing is one of them!  I invite you to peruse my blog where I write about what’s happening to me, what happened to me, stuff I’m contemplating or miracle stories...among other things.  You’ll be reading my heart and soul in each piece.  Please enjoy!!

Loving My Belly

I LOVE how stuff works out… At the beginning of January when I wrote my “who is Kasey to be,” manifestation…and it was, “Being a vibrant, prosperous, inspirer,” I KNEW that while I might attain some level of that, I would definitely hold myself back due to the damnable voice in my head, convincing me …

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Destiny Map

There’s a part of me that’s stuck. It’s the beginning of 2021.  It’s time for setting goals and manifesting great, new things. I’m in two programs for manifesting.  Mike Dooley’s 21-Day Challenge and Claire Zammit’s Mastery. When I set my intention for the Do One Thing, 21-day challenge, it was “To be a vibrant, prosperous, …

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Join me on my “what’s next” transformation!

I’m in the process of doing some amazing personal work and I want to invite you to come along with me!!  I have an intention to be a transformational inspirer.  Through my writing, or coaching or motivational speaking.   And everything that I’m doing for myself might also inspire YOU! My intention is to attract women …

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Manifesting…It’s like baking. Manifesting a goal, a dream, health, whatever you want.  It’s all in the how.  I think it’s like baking myself.  Not cooking.  Baking. There is a difference between cooking and baking.  There are recipes for both, but with cooking you can add some more of this or less of that.  You make …

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Listening to and Loving My Body

I had a therapist tell me once she’d never met anyone who was so in tune with her body. I was aghast. I’d always felt like I had NO connection whatsoever to my body. I’d certainly hated it all of my life. For one, I hated being SO tall. I was already taller than everyone …

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Blueberry Vodka and Lemonade

The Mississippi River has evoked magic in the minds of millions (or more).  Mark Twain took care of that for all of us. My parents got a small boat in the early fifties, soon after they got married and had the time of their lives playing on the river with friends whiling away long summer …

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