International Women’s Day 2021

Every Monday morning, I have a practice coaching call with 4 other women. One lives in New Jersey, one in The Netherlands, one in London and one in South Africa.  We’re all in the Feminine Power Coaching Certification Program offered by transformational teacher and leader, Claire Zammitt.  I also have Power Partners in Kansas City and Australia.

As it happens, I have something crazy in common with the woman in London. Our grandmothers were both born in the same small town in Denmark :-). ALSO, the woman who lives in S Africa grew up in the same city I live in. I cherish these synchronicities, and I cherish connecting with these like-minded souls from all over the world.

Claire, who has a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change is on a mission.  She wants to inspire transformation in women all over the world, breaking through their inner glass ceilings to access their power centers, become empowered and save the planet 🙂 Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious, women from stepping into their greatness makes her a perfect catalyst for this work.

She shares there are 2,100 generations of women before us, beginning at the time when civilizations started burying their dead. While spread over thousands of years, that’s just 2,100 women. You’ve been at an event with that many women. Imagine them all as your grandmothers. Now imagine that up until maybe just the last two or maybe three generations, ALL of those women before us simply survived. They were essentially keeping themselves and their families fed/alive. Those women didn’t have aspirations. They didn’t have choices.  (Unfortunately, there are still many countries, including our own, where women still do live this way.)

It’s only been the last couple hundred years that most women could act on doing more than simply surviving.

It’s 2021.  We are alive at an amazing time! I’M alive at this unprecedented time when, while still challenged by SO much, women are coming alive to the energy of Feminine Power, The Universe or God, as you prefer. We’re playing in Rumi’s “field.” We’re shaking off our doubts, writing new stories, breaking through glass ceilings, accessing lovingkindness and applying it to the way we LIVE!!  We’re ascending to positions of power across all sectors. We’re writing books, posting blogs, hosting podcasts, becoming coaches, healers, illuminators, visionaries, movie directors, ship captains, stealth bomber pilots, major league sports coaches and referees, CEO’s, and in the US, a Vice President plus in countries like New Zealand, Presidents!!!

We. Are. Breaking. Glass. Ceilings!!

And while I’ve been a MESS in my life, I’m accessing my own light, my superpowers of loving kindness and deep listening.  I’m telling new stories.  I’m on my way, bolstered by being someone who worked on construction sites at the same time as coordinating fashion shows in my 20’s and 30’s.  I’ve thrived through two kidney transplants!  I fell in love with and married that guy 30 years younger than myself even though everyone thought he was my son.

And now at 61, on the heels of my second transplant and retired, I’m embarking on my own mission to light the way for women to connect to their greatness in midlife. I’ll be starting out by having “Koffees with Kasey” randomly sprinkled throughout the month so I can share space with women to shed light on inspired growth at midlife.  I’m also going to introduce “Kasey’s Koffee Klatch” meet ups, inviting 5 or 6 women to join in on an illuminating discourse on their challenges and delights on the path of midlife.

It is indeed INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day!!  It’s an unprecedented time to be alive and accessing the greatness in all of us.

Zoom has made the world flatter than Thomas Friedman could have ever imagined.  I’ve recently started a friendship with a woman in New Zealand who had reached out to me through the Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters women’s Facebook group we belong to.  We’re going to have coffee soon.

Won’t you join us?

Follow my light, it’ll lead you right to me.

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