There are No Old Lady Shoes in My Closet!

There’s something about the friendship two women have who’ve known each other for more than 3 decades.  Mine started with Lisa when she was 18 and I was 24.  She was a first-year college student.  I was an “adult” who was working in the fashion industry, coordinating fashion shows.  A vast difference in those two lives.

But we liked each other the moment we met when her class was recruited to help coordinate one of my shows and have been solid friends ever since!

Lisa is the one now who’s working in the fashion industry, creatively marketing the Walking Cradles brand of shoes.  She’s been a dynamo in this industry for at least 30 years and is bringing all of her knowledge, creativity, youthful outlook and dynamic personality to turning the idea of “old lady shoes” into THE shoes to buy if you have an eye for fashion, if your feet are hard to fit or even if, yes, you do have foot challenges.

Lisa has chosen to feature me in this edition of the Walking Cradles blog, Shoes for All Walks of Life and I feel so honored!!

This is a fun read, offering an insight into me and my challenges and successes and you’ll get to see me wearing some of those awesome Walking Cradles shoes!

KASEY BERGH – Shoes for All Walks of Life, Part X

3 thoughts on “There are No Old Lady Shoes in My Closet!”

  1. Isabela Gasparini

    Fantastic, my friend! Incredibly inspiring… You mission, and you accepted it, is to embody beauty in all its forms, to model (see what I did here?) the beauty that is all around us – in challenging times, and in expansive times…

    Thank you for your vulnerability… When you shared about your divorce and feeling all the feels, I connected with my own divorce journey – so incredibly painful, yes, abruptly and merciless (it felt that way) pulling the rug under my feet – I did not allow myself to feel the feels… I numb myself with food mostly, and with work and looking after my daughter. I was very aware of it, I did not allow myself to fall apart (now I realize that numbing is another way – a wounded way – to react to loss), I went on – devastated.
    I wonder sometimes (not too often) how my journey would have been different if I had allowed myself to fall apart – and I know without a doubt that my path was to experience what I did. Because I did not know what falling apart felt like. Today I connect with the infinite gratitude for my journey as I read your words and relate to mine – Today your words are truly inspiring – While I am happy as a single person, ultimately I would like to find my soulmate, my best friend, my ultimate lover. And you and Henry give me hope.

    I wish you enough… May you feel cherished and loved and appreciated! You are a true gift to whomever crosses your path…

    From a Shoe lover to another…

    Much love, my sister…


    1. Ohmygosh Isabela I”m only just seeing this right now! I don’t know how or why??? Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability. We’ve been through so much since you wrote this. Each on such roads of growth and love. You’re an incredible woman and I’m infinitely grateful that the Universe thought we needed to know each other, right??? I love you!

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